Reach Out

I know you’re the same;

I know you didn’t mean it:

the harm you’ve caused.


I will always care/care about you.

I’ll never forget;

The things done for me.


I remember the past;

The one we built before/years before;

The one I’ll remember always.


You’re my best friend;

You mean the world to me;

I hope you know this:

I’ll never forget.


Me and the others

remember how you were.

We hope you can someday:

get over your self/save yourself.


Your other heart/other side

has made this hell for us;

You know how much this mess

hurts the rest of us.

I wish you could end it.


I wish you could stop;

I wish you had control/control again;

I wish my heart would forget it;

I wish i could move on,

But wishes aren’t real/are they?


Your other side took over;

It made this hard to bear;

I know you/I care;

I hope you come through;

It’d mean the world to me;

If you would be yourself/yourself someday.


That side of you/the side you aren’t

hurts my soul/rips it apart.

It reminds me of past memories:

the ones i refuse to tell others;

The ones only you know.


Old friend, brother, teacher

I hope you get out of it…

I miss the real you:

The one I’ve grown close to;

I know you want to;

I hear it in your voice/remember it;

I have faith in you…


I’ll be here in case/in case you need me;

Call me…

I hope to hear from you/my friend.

I miss who I know you are:

Reach out to me/I know you can.

Published by: Shade

I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology that is searching for their way in life. I want to work with animals by helping them in the future.

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