Re: Musical Marker – Summer 2014

This post is in response to Musical Marker.

Everyone that listens to music has some song that will always remind them of the summer they had when they were younger. 

At 17 years old going into my senior year, this should be the perfect prompt for me. This is my last free summer before college and all of that mess, but I’m not an active person.

I haven’t done much, but I do have enough to say about this summer. There were too many songs I’ve listened to this summer that describe it to me, but there are a few that have always stood out to me. These aren’t from popular artists, they are from the younger generation that are trying to make a name.

These are from people like Dan + Shay, Tyler Barham, and Cole Swindell that I’m listening to. They talk about things most people know about and even though nothing I have experienced equals what it’s talking about. It describes what the perfect summer can be for a person.

The first one is Dan + Shay’s 19 you & me. The other one is Tyler Barham’s Just Two Kids.

Both of these songs talk about a person’s first experience with love, but they go about it differently.

“19 You and Me” talks about a person’s experience with a girl he meets while on vacation that leads into something that he wished he could’ve kept forever. It can be relate able  to anyone because it’s talking about someone having a summer in between their years in college that are important to any person.

“Just Two Kids” talks about a boy becoming a man in a way. It discusses a person growing up too fast and they don’t notice it happening when it is. He finally realizes when he kisses that first love he has when he’s a teenager or young adult that he’s growing up. He was working really hard in order to keep this girl he cared about. 

They were both written in the last 2 years which, to me at least, makes it seem more relate able because it’s talking to people 17-22 that are having that first real relationship that actually means something.




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I'm a recent college graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology that is searching for their way in life. I want to work with animals by helping them in the future.

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