Current Mindset

First, I’d like to explain where I’ve been these past couple weeks. Last weekend I was out in a different state visiting family for Thanksgiving. I wasn’t able to work on blog posts due to my younger cousins that I was normally looking after while I was there.

I enjoyed the trip, but it kept me from being able to draft anything. The week before was filled with band rehearsals and other situations that kept me from WordPress.

I missed posting and hope to be able to, soon at least, get into a weekly, or every other week, schedule that I can stick to. I apologize for not being able to keep to it for now.

Now for the post itself: my current mindset on my situation.

I know it isn’t the worst situation to be in. I’m a senior in high school, 18 years old, at this point. I have a relationship currently with a freshman in college. I’m waiting on the year to end, just like any other current senior; if any are reading this, they know the feeling I mean.

I’m sitting here a little bit disappointed in myself. My partner told me he wouldn’t be able to see me, yet again, due to busy activities with family and his college. It frustrates me sometimes.

I don’t know why that still bothers me, but I just left my computer after being told that I couldn’t go anywhere with the person in order to calm back down. I spent time crying over something that isn’t worth that.

Don’t get me wrong, my partner and me are doing well, but I hate being away from those certain people. I miss seeing them everyday like when we were in the same school together. It bothers me and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I enjoy being in control of the situation and school situations are never going to be something I’m in control of. That still bothers me more than it should.

I know this post is all over the place, I’m going to attempt to have a real post of Hunter’s Journey up sometime between now and next Monday.

If anyone has recommendations for this situation or for topics for future posts, Let me know. Thank you for reading another post to the end ( for those of you that started at the beginning of the post and read all of it.)

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