Christmas Break : Message to viewers

First off, to get formalities out of the way:

I think it goes without saying that I won’t be able to post anything this week due to the Christmas activities. This Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I will not be able to work on future posts of any kind. I’ll be busy.

Friday, I’ll most likely be playing with everything I get on Christmas Break. Sorry, mature or not, I’m an 18 year old who loves video games to death. This means any that I get will be played to death while on break. ( Every teenager is like that. I know.)

Next thing, any advice?

Since it’s getting close to Christmas, It means that it’s almost 2015. Where did the year go, right? This means I’m going to try and get back in a habit for 2015.

I want to get back on some sort of schedule for regular posts. This means if it’s monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or daily; I want to stick with it. I need help to decide on which is the most realistic and most useful for people.

Also, If it’s not daily, what day is the best to post on. I don’t have enough people following me to find out when everyone tends to look at these posts. If you read my stuff often; Tell me what time of the day you tend to.

Any feedback would be helpful.


It’s almost 2015, thanks to the people over at The Daily Post for giving me some viewers through their Blogging U challenges. It’s given me stories to start. This wasn’t supposed to be something I stuck with, but I’m glad I did.

Good luck to everyone in the new year. Happy blogging friends. Good luck in 2015 with whatever goals you set for yourself. I’ll be putting out one more blog post this year, on the 30th or 31st saying my specific goals for the new year. Looking forward to it.

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