Re: Daily Page (Part 13)

Prompt – What’s the most important relationship in your life today?

For me, Although I’m close to to my parent’s house, I don’t feel like they know me the same way they used to. My mother and step-father live there and my dad lives in a different state right now due to money problems and is staying with his parents.

Because of college, the people that are around daily to help me with my problems are the people right here with me. The ones that are most important are the ones that are seeing my growth now and aren’t stuck in how I was before I left. I started college life just back in August and it might only be February, but I’ve changed a lot and the people here have seen it and understand. My parents never had this experience, other then my step-father, so they don’t understand.

To me, out of all this, the most important relationship I have right now is with my new partner. We’ve only been together two months, but having them there now means the world to me. I feel the safest I ever have being in their arms and falling asleep next to them even though it hasn’t been that long. I love this relationship and want nothing more than for it to work.

They’ve seen the worst parts of me when I start being upset due to doubting myself and where I’m ever going to wind up in life. I’ve seen theirs and want nothing more then for them to succeed even more than myself. I’ve even said, though jokingly, that no matter what happens in the relationship itself, I want them to be happy. I want to talk to them in 10 years and know that they found that they love what they’re doing whether they’re making 10 million or 30 thousand a year.

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