Seperation Anxiety: What it does to me.

What is Seperation Anxiety?

Seperation anxiety, specifically in adults, is a problem involving a loved one that the person is incredibly attached to. This can be a family member, a friend, or a partner.

In my case, this is my significant other that I suffer this problem with now.

This condition is more than missing someone, it means that I have nightmares out of fear that something bad is going to happen to my partner. I also start shaking sometimes out of crying incredibly due to the separation that can get to the point of actual trembles.

What effect does it have on my life?

Whenever we’re away from each other for more than 2-3 days, I get incredibly anxious that first night and fall apart. It keeps me from doing anything for awhile and I try and make sure I have something that I can use as a way of feeling like my partner is still there.

It makes 2 weeks feel like 2 months for me. Although my partner understands that I have this problem and is supportive, I fear that it may someday take over and cause more of a problem between us.

Does anyone you know have this? (or show symptoms)

Do you know somebody that seems like they overeact when their significant other is gone for a week or more? Do they have nightmares or irrational fears about their loved one going away (that they understand is irrational)?

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