Re:Daily Page – What are 3 things you’re not telling yourself enough?

1) I’m doing well enough for now. I don’t have to progress in my career within 6 months. It’s ok that I’m starting out as a temp since I make enough money to get by, I enjoy my coworkers, and the job itself is alright. You don’t have to start out making a lot right away to be successful later, and you don’t have to understand everything right away.

2) Be grateful for what you have already. I have a great partner that I want to marry within the next year. I have a place in a city that I like that allows us to have our cat who, even when she hates everyone else, loves the two of us. I have a dad that I’m becoming more like by the day, and a mother who really does try her best these days. I have an older sister that would do anything for me if I needed it.

I have 4 best friends that are more like family now that have my back and I have theirs. I’m sure they feel the same exact way.

3) Progress is allowed to be slow. You don’t have to become the best version of yourself overnight. You’ll get there each day as long as you work on something, even if it’s small, that leads you towards your goals.

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