Free Write #1

Favorite quote – “Love is not an initial feeling, love is a commitment.”

I have seen tons of people lately, even some close to me, say that they love the person they’re with. They told me they love this person and wonder if they’re doing the right thing by leaving. Me and my partner have to tell them that loving this person isn’t enough; Loving their family isn’t enough; Not wanting to give up the life you’re building with them isn’t enough. None of those things alone mean you need to stay with the person. This can even include the amount of time you’ve been together.

Loving someone means growing with them every step of the way. It means talking through the things that aren’t working in your relationship and working towards fixing them in any way that you can if you want it to work. It means going to counseling if you need help to find your way through these problems. It means saving for your future together and being on the same page about what that means.

Love isn’t just something that you feel when you look at the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. It’s a decision you make every day – to love your partner in every way you can, even if you don’t like them that day.

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