Free Write #2

“Even when it hurts, at the end of the day you need to make the decision that’s best for you right now. That doesn’t always mean making the easy decision.”

This is for anyone that is going through a breakup or cutting someone off from their lives that is toxic anyway. It doesn’t mean that person is a toxic person, it can just mean that they are not healthy for you, even if it’s just for the time being.

I know someone that is going through a breakup that asked this – “I love this life we have together. I love their family. I don’t want to give up our pets. Am I making the right decision? Am I overreacting?”

My response to them, while both of us were intoxicated, is something I think more people need to hear.

“I know this hurts right now for both of you. You’re both good people and might even be right for each other later on, whether as friends or something more once again. Right now, though, you two aren’t right for each other. Loving their family is great, but he’s the one you have to go home to at night. You have to sleep next to each other, spend your days together, have kids together, and get through life together. If you don’t see those things working out, he’s not for you. Do what’s right for you right now, not what’s easiest.”

They’re both great people that we both care about and we want them to be happy, and it’s heartbreaking that they aren’t happy together. We also want them to be able to look back on the relationship and remember the good times that they had and not have it get to the point that it ends not civilly.

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