Re: Daily Page – Do you pray? Why or why not?

I’m not someone that believes in religion or has any idea if there is a God to pray to to begin with. I have no issue anymore with people who do though, but I did when I was younger. I had family members who acted high and mighty because of their religion and used it as a way of pretending their morals were higher and that they were better than us. This was primarily due to my mother having had a divorce in the past.

My parents never really pushed religion onto us. My dad is someone that believes in being a good person and follows some of the Buddhist teachings, but isn’t dedicated to it as a religion, just as a spiritual searching for him. My mom believes in God, but isn’t hardcore in her exact beliefs of it. She goes to church now, but didn’t when I was growing up and enjoys the community aspect of it. My grandparents on both sides are religious in some way, I believe they are both catholic.

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