Re: Daily Page – Talk about 2 things you can’t stand

1) I can’t stand people that try and use religion as a defense for everything they do throughout their lives. This can be anything from how they treat people to how they formulate their trajectory of their lives. If someone has faith, I don’t believe they should change everything about their lives, but should make their lives as ethical as they can around the dreams that they already have.

This also includes people using religion and their beliefs to attempt to convince other people into it after being told repeatedly that they want nothing to do with it. I have religious friends, but even if we debate a topic surrounding it, they don’t shove it down my throat. I don’t think all of them are bad people or anything like that.

2) I can’t stand people that try and use their power of authority over someone, especially parents, as means of saying that their opinions don’t matter at all. I think it’s unhealthy to believe that your children have to listen to everything you say without failure or they’re not good kids.

I’m not saying kids shouldn’t do chores or should do terribly in school; I’m saying that kids should feel welcome to talk to their parents about their opinions and views because that’s how I became the person I am. Throughout my life, even when I was young, my father would talk to me about everything from death to politics and religion in the car. He would do this differently as I aged, of course, but it was the willingness to talk about them that made me who I am and I am forever grateful for that.

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