Re: Daily Page – Talk about family, what does it mean to you?

Family to me isn’t the group of people you’re born into when you enter this world. It isn’t just your parents, siblings, grandparents, close cousins, and other people that are introduced to you as part of your “family tree”. That isn’t the true definition of family to me.

The real family you have is the one you create for yourself. It’s the family you carry with you into adulthood. It might include some of your family of origin that you had or it might not, depending on how you grew up. It will definitely be your family of choice though.

Also, family is the best friend that can enter your house without anyone looking at them at all. It’s the dog or cat you got when you were too young to remember that you grow up with as a kid. It’s the neighborhood kid that is with you in the park everyday playing in the woods like brothers. It’s the teacher that helps you learn that you have a talent as a kid. It’s the group of crazy band kids in school that you share a section with that you celebrate with after every competition or game that goes your way or talk about when it doesn’t.

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