Re: Daily Page – Who’s one person from your past you’d like to reconnect with?

My best friend from the ages of 5-16 is someone I wish I had kept in closer touch with. We keep saying that we’ll reconnect through video games, but somehow it never winds up happening. We were so close in the beginning years of school and in middle school again. They were my best friend that was there for me when no one else was even talking to me. We dated, as innocent as we were, for 2 years. I was there for their mother’s funeral and they were there for me when I wasn’t a good person to be around.

The two of us called each other all the time. We played video games with each other and our circle of friends for years. We grew up together. Even in high school during finals, your dad took us to get lunch together during a break in our finals. I forever am grateful for how nice your family and you always were to me, even when I didn’t deserve it.

Even if we never are that close again,

Thank you.

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