Re: Daily Page – What’s your best quality? Worst quality?

Everyone has positives or negatives to their personality that make them who they are, but I can easily think of my best and worst qualities.

My best quality is my ability to give other people advice at times when they need it. I’m able to be the person of reason when someone else needs to hear tough advice. This can be someone needing harsh relationship advice when something is just very clearly not right. It can even be just telling someone directly when they’re in the wrong about something.

My worst quality is my inability to be great at simply being there to comfort other people. I can give advice, and I can even sit there and listen, but it’s very hard for me to just be comforting. I’m not the type that can sit there and say things like “everything will be okay”. That has always been something difficult for me to accomplish.


What do you think your worst quality is and have you worked on that? What is your best quality that you like about yourself?

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