Trying to be strong

There are many people
That go through life
Barely even trying
To get anywhere

I’m not that person
Neither are you
Hope you understand
How I feel

You’re my best friend
The one I love
Only one I trust

Things are hard
We’ll get through
Somehow I hope
I’ll do my best

I know you’re strong
I’m trying to be
For this to work
I’ll keep trying

You’ve helped
Like no other
Getting me,
On the right track

You don’t know
How much I care
I can’t explain
It to you

I hope to
Prove it somehow

I’m bad with words
But I have a heart…
I wish I could
Show how I feel

All I can say
For now at least
I love you..
I’m trying to be strong
For you and me

This would kill
Me right now
To lose you

I hope this
Lasts forever

I’m not
Going to count
On that but
I’ll try
To make it happen

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