Dan Gibson’s Reunion of Wolves

I don’t know why this came to mind to write about, but it did.

Everyone has something they do to help them sleep. Some people just lay there for hours, some listen to music, and some exercise to try and sleep.

For me, I listen to the song Reunion of Wolves. It’s a simple song that has an acoustic guitar playing in the background of wolves howling. It’s one of the most peaceful songs I’ve ever heard and it helped me to fall asleep ever since.

The best way to find the song is by looking it up on google play music or on itunes. It’s no longer on youtube anywhere, but I downloaded it as soon as I found it. If anyone wants the link, let me know and I’ll search for it.

I hope I help someone else sleep more peaceful with this sort of thing. I might start putting posts up about songs more often. What do you think? Let me know if anyone wants that.

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