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Prompt: What’s the toughest conversation you’ve had recently?

I was talking with my partner the other day about my fear of staying at a job I hate for very long. I was talking about being scared of wasting my life at a job I don’t enjoy.

We talked about their fear of the same. They’re going to further education in order to find the career that they want as a professor. I look forward to where they are going and to finding my own path, hopefully soon, that I’m attempting to search for new careers.

This was a scary conversation to have with someone you want to spend your life with. They make it all worth it to search for the right path for me.

Question: What’s the hardest conversation you’ve had with a significant other recently?

Re:The Daily Page

Prompt: What makes you blue?

I have started to feel very depressed about my life recently. I just graduated college and was hoping to find a fullfilling job that would allow me to do the things I want to do. I want a house, pets, and to be able to travel to different states and countries someday. I want to do those things with the person I think I will be with for life.

I just started my first full-time job as a contractor at a big company. It has felt defeating to be spending 40 hours a week doing the same repetitive tasks for a company that doesn’t value what I’m specifically doing. I hope to get into a better position quickly, not just for the pay raise, but to help with my mental health.

I’m 22 and honestly, very scared of what is to come.

Question: What is your advice for me?  

New Opportunity! (For me)


I am an incoming Junior studying Biology/Pre-vet with the goal of going to vet school sometime in the near future (3-4 years until vet school depending on the situation) and was looking to gain some much-needed animal experience. This is mainly just because I’m interested in animals, which is why I chose my path, and want to work with more than just house pets. It also will assist me in getting into my post-undergrad career path due to the boost in my application to vet school.


I am beginning to work with reptiles in a lab on my college’s campus where I work with them to ensure they have food, water, clean cages, and to check on their health (with the help of more experienced members of the lab). This is a 5 hour/week commitment that will allow me to gain animal experience that I hope will assist me throughout my last 2 years of undergrad and in my applications in the future.


  1. If you went to college, what internships (or other experience) did you get while in school?
  2. If you didn’t go to college, what experience in volunteering/former jobs helped your current employer see that you were the person for your job?

Junior Year


In a month and a half, I start my junior year of undergrad for my degree in Biology in a university in the northern United States.

I am taking 6 classes, not including extracurriculars, involving 3 sciences, 2 ethics courses for my minor, and a course to fulfill my language requirement. The science courses are ecology, genetics, and animal physiology which all require dedicated study time from what I know already.


I am a member of my college’s marching band, concert band program, and a club for my major (pre-vet). The marching band rehearses 2 hours a day for 3 days out of the week and we have games most Saturdays that take up most of the day due to rehearsals. The concert band rehearses 1-2 hours 3 days a week. The club meets once a month throughout the semester and usually has some sort of assignment.


I am currently beginning training to help out in a lab at my college in order to gain animal experience. It involves helping with feeding, watering, cage cleaning, and the possible opportunity for research in the future. I was also told that they were willing to help me with recommendations for other opportunities should they present themselves in the future.


Have you guys ever gone to college? If so, what was it for? If not, what would you go back for now if you had the chance (money aside)?

What was your favorite subject in high school, or college, that you wound up pursuing outside of class?


Seperation Anxiety: What it does to me.

What is Seperation Anxiety?

Seperation anxiety, specifically in adults, is a problem involving a loved one that the person is incredibly attached to. This can be a family member, a friend, or a partner.

In my case, this is my significant other that I suffer this problem with now.

This condition is more than missing someone, it means that I have nightmares out of fear that something bad is going to happen to my partner. I also start shaking sometimes out of crying incredibly due to the separation that can get to the point of actual trembles.

What effect does it have on my life?

Whenever we’re away from each other for more than 2-3 days, I get incredibly anxious that first night and fall apart. It keeps me from doing anything for awhile and I try and make sure I have something that I can use as a way of feeling like my partner is still there.

It makes 2 weeks feel like 2 months for me. Although my partner understands that I have this problem and is supportive, I fear that it may someday take over and cause more of a problem between us.

Does anyone you know have this? (or show symptoms)

Do you know somebody that seems like they overeact when their significant other is gone for a week or more? Do they have nightmares or irrational fears about their loved one going away (that they understand is irrational)?

Re: Daily Page (Part 13)

Prompt – What’s the most important relationship in your life today?

For me, Although I’m close to to my parent’s house, I don’t feel like they know me the same way they used to. My mother and step-father live there and my dad lives in a different state right now due to money problems and is staying with his parents.

Because of college, the people that are around daily to help me with my problems are the people right here with me. The ones that are most important are the ones that are seeing my growth now and aren’t stuck in how I was before I left. I started college life just back in August and it might only be February, but I’ve changed a lot and the people here have seen it and understand. My parents never had this experience, other then my step-father, so they don’t understand.

To me, out of all this, the most important relationship I have right now is with my new partner. We’ve only been together two months, but having them there now means the world to me. I feel the safest I ever have being in their arms and falling asleep next to them even though it hasn’t been that long. I love this relationship and want nothing more than for it to work.

They’ve seen the worst parts of me when I start being upset due to doubting myself and where I’m ever going to wind up in life. I’ve seen theirs and want nothing more then for them to succeed even more than myself. I’ve even said, though jokingly, that no matter what happens in the relationship itself, I want them to be happy. I want to talk to them in 10 years and know that they found that they love what they’re doing whether they’re making 10 million or 30 thousand a year.

Re: Daily Page (Part 7)

Prompt – Love is one of those things.  It’s the best feeling in the whole world, but it can make you do some real stupid stuff.  Trust me, I know… 

A few months ago, I was broken up with by a person I had been with for 2.5 years already. We believed that we were going to be together forever at the time, or so I thought.

After the relationship ended, I didn’t fully cut things off with this person in the way that I should have. It wound up making things much worse.

For a month afterwards, once or twice a week, we were still intimate and got along with each other in some senses until we finally had a last falling out that ended it all.

I’m now in a relationship with someone who wouldn’t do that to me if it ended for their own confidence or mine.

Love can make you do some very stupid things, but it can also be the best thing in the world if you know what you’re doing in it. Although it hurt, it taught me a lot about what I wasn’t looking for. It also showed me why this relationship wouldn’t work and forced me to get over it quicker then I would have otherwise.

That relationship, and the friendship we could’ve had, ended as quickly as it started, but I wouldn’t trade the result I had now for anything.