Enough is Enough

I let myself go from the happiness I had some time ago.

At one time I was filled with joy, not unlike a newly young boy.

Lately I have let fear win instead of thinking of what I hold dear.

I just started getting help instead of letting myself just cry out and yelp.

My partner has seen me cry,

but doesn’t know what to do other than pry.

I need better methods to learn to cope to help give myself hope.

Sometimes hope feels far away and work just like a tightened rope.

How do I feel at ease, when sometimes all I want is to freeze?

Domain change

Hello everyone!

Just to give you all an update, my site is now hosted as ShadeStory.com as the primary domain. This is to make the site easier to remember for all of you as well as better representative of the blog as a whole.

Thanks for understanding through all of the changes!

Hunter’s Journey Part 11

Some backstory…

2 years ago, Hunter was stolen from his adoptive mother and adoptive brother by his birth father who wasn’t allowed any visitation due to court order after relinquishing custody.


Luke turns 18 years old today and all he wanted was to have his brother back home with him and his mom. Their dog, Lucky had been depressed since Hunter left and so had their mother.

The cops were still looking for their family member but they only had leads and never were able to find him…until today. The birth father made a mistake by leaving Hunter in the truck by himself.

The man got held up in the store and since it was during the heat of the summer, a woman saw a 13 year old stuck in the car and broke the window in order to rescue him.

“Hey kid, you alright?”

“I feel better now. It was getting hot in that car.”

“What’s your name? We should find your parents.”


Many minutes go by with the woman trying to get the answers out when a cop arrives to see the strange scene since a passerby had called. The officer eventually convinced the boy to admit his name and the situation.

“Son, I’m going to need you to repeat everything that happened. I need to take the full report. You’re safe now.”

“Two years ago, I was kidnapped from my mom. She adopted me.”

“Alright, give us the information and we will check up on it.”

The officer finds all the information in the boy’s case and realizes the horrible past from the case worker that had found them. The mother rushes to the police station that was hours away with her other son Luke and their dog.

“Luke, stay in the car with Lucky.”

She rushes in and takes Hunter home in complete silence in the car. She allows him to go to sleep before saying anything about what had happened.




Re: The Daily Page

Prompt – Describe your mom and your relationship?

My mother is a woman that loves animals, loves helping people, and enjoys her work. She works for a non-profit focused on helping. She doesn’t make a lot of money at her 9-5 but she enjoys it and living with my step-father and sister.

My relationship with my mother hasn’t always been the closest. I wasn’t around her much when I was really young from ages 3-10. Her and my dad had gotten a divorce and she was in a relationship that had nothing to do with us at the time. We lived with our grandparents during this time.

After some more time we moved in with my mother when I was about 10 or 11 years old. After a few years, me and my mother became close around the age of 16 for me. We have gotten along much better throughout life now that I’m 22 and not in the house anymore. It’s a lot less stressful of a relationship now than it was then.


To all the loyal followers,

I am doing an upgrade of the blog throughout the next few days to give the site a refresh and I hope to gain more followers throughout this upgrade. I am making plans for new posts for the page.

I look forward to talking with you all.

Re: Daily Page

Prompt: What’s the toughest conversation you’ve had recently?

I was talking with my partner the other day about my fear of staying at a job I hate for very long. I was talking about being scared of wasting my life at a job I don’t enjoy.

We talked about their fear of the same. They’re going to further education in order to find the career that they want as a professor. I look forward to where they are going and to finding my own path, hopefully soon, that I’m attempting to search for new careers.

This was a scary conversation to have with someone you want to spend your life with. They make it all worth it to search for the right path for me.

Question: What’s the hardest conversation you’ve had with a significant other recently?